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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  June 5, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm CDT

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great pitching that adds up to a big blowout win. ryan has not had many opportunities. at least not this year, to go out with a comfortable lead and pound the strike zone but he was able to do that tonight because the cubs gave him a big three-run lead right away in the first inning on the four-game homer. len: ends an 11-game losing streak. 10-0 the final. @@@@ dad: hand me my 5/8th wrench please? >> taking h eat for a racially insensitive remark he made. this year, give craftsman innovation. and give dad the father's day he really wants. craftsman. the one dad wants. guaranteed.
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friday night the cubs head to minneapolis to face the twins. game one of three in inter-league series. once again, the final tonight, the cubs 10, brewers nothing. chicago cubs baseball in high-definition brought to you by -- that's it. stay tuned. the wgn news is next. pull on those gardening gloves. and let's see how colorful an afternoon can be. with the home depot certified advice to help us expand our palette...
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[chanting] >> scott walker will keep his job! the controversial republican survivors a recall challenge from the milwaukee wear tom barrett. good evening. our top story seen around the country, a big win for the incumbent in wisconsin. let's get strip to the latest numbers. scott walker is showing 57% of the vote right now. democrat tom barrett up against him milwaukee mayor, showing just 42% of the vote. the same two men squared off in the general election back in 2010 with a similar result. and i think we'll take a live
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look now at walker headquarters in waukesha. it looks like he's taking to the podium to the crowd who has been so supportive during this enormous battle. >> he's not up there yet but he's expected to be there soon and we'll try to get back to him. in the meantime passionate voters headed to the polls. we're live from kenosha with the story. >> good evening, governor scott walker is the first governor in the history of this country to survive a recall election. this victory is a huge blow to labor and reenergizes the republican party both here and nationwide. his victory implications to stretch into november. today's election in wisconsin marks only the third time a recall procedure has been used against a governor in the history of this country. >> have i lived in wisconsin for about five years but i would always drive back to illinois to vote and it was important enough of an issue for me to register
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to vote there. >> it's a move that's mobilize add huge percentage of voters to the polls, to put today's face-off against governor scott walk and milwaukee mayor tom barrett in perspective. a record 69% of voters turned out to push barack obama to an easy victory in 2008. today's turnout for state office looks to rival that. >> we've had a wide turnout of voter registration new time voters, some of the polling locations have run out of registration forms and have been calling in to get them. >> why such a turnout? the implications are huge and their differences stark. >> when i grew up it was nope as a progressive state. we championed public schools, public universities regulation of utility monopolies. now we're going and doing the exact opposite. >> governor walker was just weeks into his term when he surprised the state with a proposal to strip collective bargaining rights for most state workers and require they pay
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more for health and pension benefits >> i think he does take a stand against lower class people. >> a recall petition led by the unions collected 900000 signatures. >> i work for the school district and he's really made things hard. >> the republicans would say that he's really focusing in on public sector unions who have taken advantage of the situation. >> he's a professor of political science at the college. >> he's been very confrontational however in pursuing it and generally people in wisconsin have not liked confrontational politics. >> but outside of the state walker has attracted major donations. 20 of the record breaking $30 million he's taken in came from outside of wisconsin. >> while i don't agree necessarily the way he handled things he did bring you know our budget down. and helped bring down our deficit. >> he's balanced the budget and reports job growth and much of that initial anger against him has subsided with time. >> i think that he should be able to finish out his term.
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>> and he will be able to do so. that term lasts until january of 2015. democrats wish president obama would have stopped here when he traveled through the midwest last week to campaign on behalf of mayor barrett. that did not happen. but exit polls today show that if the presidential election were today, president obama would hang on to this state. bottom line here is after 65 million total spent on this election scott walker remains governor of this state. live from kenosha, wisconsin. >> tomorrow a pivotal vote in chicago. voting on whether or not to authorize a strike. >> it's been 25 years since teachers here walked the picket line. a walkout this fall could disrupt classes for more than 400,000 students. wgn, contract issues and labor peace. >> on one side you've got the teacher's union, on the other side, well funded groups who have been flooding the radio air
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wafers all trying to convince more than 25,000 members of the chicago teacher's union, who are eligible to vote and under a new state law, 75% of them must vote yes to authorize a strike. >> one day before the vote chicago teachers union president karen lewis, in a last-minute push to get teachers to authorize a strike. >> i don't think it's a scare tactic but there is leverage. we want to move the negotiations off of -- we want to move them in a different direction and we want to move them in a direction that's infinitely more respectful of what our professionals and parra professionals do. >> with teachers being required to work a longer school day they want a 29% pay raise over two years. they say the district can't afford it. >> the teachers deserve a pay raise and the kids do not deserve a strike and if
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everybody's time and energy is focused on working with the independent third party negotiator or arbitrator we'll find a common ground to achieve both directives. >> trying to sway teachers too. in a letter he says we must continue to negotiate in good faith and wait until the final compromise proposal is released before moving forward with an action that will impact every teacher and student in the district. most importantly a strike would hit our students the hardest but the fact finding report due out mid-july will only address compensation issues not other sticking points including class size and resources for students. the current contract expires june 30. even if teachers do vote to authorize a strike and no deal is reached, the earliest they could go on strike is the end of august. last time that happened 1987. the timing of the vote is critical, though, before the end of the school year.
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the union wants to make sure members are available to cast a ballot including those who will be retiring at the end of this school year. >> thanks a lot. >> the f.b.i.'s 10 most wanted fugitives list now has a local name. its latest target 37-year-old urbina. a mexican national who used to live in chicago. he's six feet tall 170 pounds. he has dark hair dark eyes and a severely pop marked cheek. he's wanted for crimes dating back 14 years. in 1998 he was charged with kidnapping, raping and beating a woman. while on trial he allegedly assaulted and ludbludgeoned another woman. he's armed and dangerous. >> i would consider him vile and dangerous. if he's in mexico texas or arizona he's a threat to any individual down there and the sooner we can apprehend him the better off everybody will be. >> if you have any information give chicago police or the
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f.b.i. a call. >> in an attempt to hop or an important anniversary in chicago history it blows up in front of an alderman's face. >> at least one native american group is calling for an apology. >> were you glued to your telescope. a phenomenon we won't see again for another century or so. >> jim ramsey will join us to take a victory lap for all the great weather we're having.
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len: the alderman getting an earful. he proposed reconciliation with a tribe who fought the u.s. military and early settlers at
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the battle of fort dearborn suggesting that both sides should smoke a peace pipe. native americans not happy about the comment, tried to set him straight on why. >> i took the time to explain to him that there was no such thing as a peace pipe. because you know and the history behind the pipe. evidently it didn't sink in. it wasn't confrontational. this morning, it was disrespectful. >> proposed to establish a day of remembrance on the 200th anniversary of the battle. a native community argues it fails to include their point of view. >> a split second decision the cause of an accident that left three teens bed. herrera tried to cross an intersection at route i-20 -- 126 yesterday. he made the turn and pulled in front of a semi-truck heading
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east. the semi-truck hit the car and toppled over. three kids were killed in the accident. >> the illinois torture inquiry and relief commission referred its first case to a judge and then was forced to close its doors. the commission claims it only began its investigation as recently as september but now the state legislature has voted to slash their funding completely. executive director david thomas says the commission feels let down by the state government. >> we're the first commission or any type of agency to try and investigate the bhird scandal from the standpoint of providing justice for people who were the victims of police torture and who are in prison based upon a coerced confession. that's why it's so important. >> thomas says the commission is currently investigating 30 other cases. they will meet next week to discuss their next step. >> standout superintendent
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honored for keeping his city safe while the world was watching. gary mccarthy accepting a resolution passed by the cook county board today thanking the police department for their service during the nato summit. >> i couldn't be more proud of the men and women of the chicago police department and nits their honor i accept this resolution. thank you very much to all of you. >> the president and commissioner john sponsored that resolution. during a speech he also boasted the city's decrease in crime during the summit saying he gives his staff a grade of 99%. >> another beautiful day in the books. tomorrow is looking even better. >> jim ramsey says we'll just keep getting warmer all the way to the weekend. sounds good. >> yes, indeed.
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hotwire to fill them. so i got my four-star hotels for half-price! >> men: ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e ♪ ♪ ♪ >> announcer: save big on car rentals too, from $12.95 a day. crowds gathered outside to catch a glimpse of the transit of venus. it happens when the planet of venus passes directly between the earth and the sun. it's so rare there won't be another one for 105 years. >> it's a very cool thing. kind of like almost like an eclipse here you've got the planet venus passing in front of the sun. it doesn't cover it up completely but still it gives you that sense of 3-d relationship between the planets.
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>> people watched today's transit through special solar lenses. they were sold at the plane tearium and through telescopes set up outside. because of the fabulous weather, the telescope lines were especially lines the next one will happen in 2117. i'll be there. >> who knows about the rest of us. i'm not planning on being there, jim. >> i believe i'll let that go by. today was actually five degrees colder than yesterday. the high temperature at least. that was the only complaint that i heard today is that some of the staff around here thought it was a little too chilly with that lake breeze but it will be improving though the week. we should be three or four degrees warmer tomorrow and the next day as well. we'll still have the lake breeze to put up with both days and that will keep the temperatures comfortable for me, but some of you, if you're walking along the lake front may find it just a bit cool. time lapse pictures look at that, it's just gorgeous. a lot of blue sky looking north from the john hancock building.
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a wonderful day to be outdoors. as we mentioned, 70 degrees was the high but check this out. 14 degrees warmer today. the high temperature in st. louis at 84. plenty of very hot air that's out to the west of us. and it looks like that stuff is going to make it into the chicago area by the weekend. in fact by sunday we should have a high temperature in the low 90's. it will be quite a change from this 70 to 75 degree temperature range that we've seen. right now, it's falling to 60 degrees at o'hare and you can see all across the area temperatures cooling off rather rapidly in the upper 50s in many locations. the winds, dying down wind speeds generally five to 10 miles per hour. after midnight the winds probably will be for the most part calm. now, look at this. the cool air will move out over the next couple of days. then coming in at about, say midweek into friday temperatures will be moving up fairly rapidly. and then, by sunday, we're looking at probably the heart of the hot air before a little bit of relief comes in with some
10:24 pm
thunderstorm on monday. something we'll monitor closely. now what about rain today? a little shower or two up in wisconsin was noticed. nothing important, tends to dissipate rapidly. these little flashes by the way, that's just a little noise along the radar site. big storms in the southeast and in central montana, four reports of tornados two apparently involving some damage. now that area to no one's surprise, and you tornado watch. let's check the forecast now. for tonight, we're looking at partly cloudy skies. light breeze early. 54 to 60 by morning. wednesday, mostly sunny. high temperature again about like today. in the upper 60's along the lakeshore. in the 70's elsewhere. by wednesday evening a few cloud patches. 51 to 58-degree lows and cool to moderately warm on thursday with a light shower possible in the evening. now, seven-day forecast look at those temperatures. shoot up there. by sunday, as we say, temperatures should make it to
10:25 pm
about 92 degrees. that will be the warmest day of the weekend, not the coldest. but beyond that we encounter some storms. temperatures fall on tuesday, but all in all this has been an excellent week. >> as we go. >> that's the story. >> sounds good. thanks, jim. >> coming up, a long night for philip and the white sox. thanks to some long balls off the bats of the blue jays. >> miami gets back in time for important game five against boston. dan is next in sports. excuse us, while we change into something more comfortable. cool. introducing, the square sunnyd bottle. [ train whistle blows ] [ ball hitting paddle ] [ orbit girl ] don't let food hang around. yeah! [ orbit trumpet ] clean it up with orbit! [ orbit glint ] fabulous! for a good clean feeling. ♪ eat, drink, chew orbit! ♪
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